adult woman suffering from adhd

Recently Diagnosed with Adult ADHD? Here are Your Next Steps

The number of adults being diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for the first time is on the rise. This increase could be due to a number of factors, including: Stigma against ADHD when these adults were children More public knowledge about ADHD A better understanding of ADHD in the mental health community Less stigma toward mental health treatment in general Some professionals estimate…

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therapist on telehealth appointment

What to Expect in Online Psychiatry Appointments

What to Expect in Online Psychiatry Appointments Before COVID-19 changed the way we all live, almost all psychiatrists in the United States had avoided telehealth. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health reported that only five percent of the psychiatrists who participate in Medicare had ever provided a telehealth appointment. When the virus and subsequent shutdowns blocked safe access to in-person psychiatry appointments,…

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agoraphobia after quarantine

How to Live with Agoraphobia After Quarantine

How to Live with Agoraphobia After Quarantine The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine, and economic fallout can be challenging for anyone, particularly for those with mental illnesses. While some people may think that those with agoraphobia would thrive during quarantine, the opposite may be true for some. If you live with agoraphobia, it’s crucial to understand how quarantine could affect your symptoms and know what to…

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