agoraphobia after quarantine

How to Live with Agoraphobia After Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine, and economic fallout can be challenging for anyone, particularly for those with mental illnesses. While some people may think that those with agoraphobia would thrive during quarantine, the opposite may be true for some. If you live with agoraphobia, it’s crucial to understand how quarantine could affect your symptoms and know what to do as restrictions lift.

How Quarantine Can Affect People with Agoraphobia

This pandemic and quarantine can affect people with agoraphobia in many distressing ways. For example, some people with agoraphobia rely on a routine to get them out of the house and decrease symptoms. With shutdowns, this routine may be disrupted.

Furthermore, the specific symptoms of COVID-19 are somewhat similar to those of a panic attack, which people with agoraphobia often have. If a panic attack begins, someone may believe they are showing signs of COVID-19, which only worsens the panic and starts a negative cycle.

Social distancing may also be difficult for people with agoraphobia. Some people may be without their much-needed social supports or medical resources. We have moved our appointments online to help patients overcome this obstacle.

Manage Symptoms and Beware of Co-Existing Conditions

As many areas start to lift quarantine measures, people with agoraphobia need to be cautious about their mental health. The fact that the virus is still out there and the continued uncertainty could cause worsening symptoms. It’s vital for anyone with agoraphobia to watch out for signs of other disorders that often co-exist with agoraphobia. These include substance abuse disorder, panic disorder, and depression.

A few lifestyle changes can help people with agoraphobia manage their symptoms and decrease the chances of developing other disorders during this time:

  • Get plenty of rest with good sleep hygiene
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Get regular exercise
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Make online appointments with licensed therapists
  • Consider consulting with a psychiatrist

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The transition out of complete quarantine can be difficult for anyone, especially those living with agoraphobia. If you need help during this challenging time, do not hesitate to reach out. Our licensed and compassionate professionals are ready to help with online appointments.

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