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How soon are appointments available?

Availability will vary depending on the provider. It will also depend on the type of appointment; psychotherapy, medication management or testing. Emergency appointments are worked in as quickly as possible. If you feel it is a life threatening emergency call 911 or go to the closest E.R.

If the receptionist sees me, do I need to check in?

When you arrive for an appointment if you do not inform the receptionist you are here, the provider will be unaware you have arrived.

What information should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Insurance Card
  • New patient information (to be completed online)
  • A list of all medicines; prescription and over the counter (name, dose, and frequency taken) that you are currently taking.
  • A list of any medications that you have allergies too or have experienced an adverse reaction to in the past.
  • Any documents that might be pertinent to your treatment (previous psychological testing, hospital discharge summaries, recent laboratory results, etc.).
  • Medication formulary from insurance company for approved medications (can be obtained from insurance company).

If I have not been treated at MBH in a long time do I need a referral?

If you have not been seen by a provider at Midwest Behavioral Health after a two year time frame you will need a new patient referral from your primary care physician as you will be considered a new patient.

Can I get into Midwest Behavioral Health without an appointment?

No, we do not accept walk-ins.  Our providers have full schedules which prevent us from accommodating walk-ins.

Do you need a doctor's referral for an appointment?

Yes, most cases will require your primary care physician to send a referral.

How much time will my medical evaluation require?

If you are coming in for Medication the initial visit will require an hour. Follow up appointments will require about 15- 20 minutes. If it’s your first visit with one of our therapist the appointment will require 45min- 1 hour. Follow up appointments will require about 45 minutes.

Does the patient need to be present during the visit? What if the patient is a minor?

Yes, the patient must be present if scheduled to see Dr. Kaplan or one of the Nurse Practitioners, even if the patient is a minor. If you are coming in for test results and meeting with Dr. Vicki Lane, she does not always require the child be present for results. You will need to discuss this option with her.

What will it cost?

Your out -of-pocket expense will depend on a variety of things such as the type of insurance you carry, your co-pay and your deductible. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance to find out if Midwest Behavior Health is in or out of network. Your insurance will be able to provide you with a list of in network providers. Finally, the cost depends on the type of service. For example, psychological testing is not the same as a psychotherapy appointment.

What type of Practitioner sees patients at Midwest Behavioral Health?

  • Psychiatrists: A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders and emotional problems.  Dr. Kaplan can order a full range of medical labs and psychological tests which can help to provide a picture of patient’s physical and psychological state.  A psychiatrist is required to complete medical school and they earn either an M.D. or D.O. degree with additional four or more years in an internship or residency.  Their education and years of clinical training and experience prepare them to understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses, to evaluate medical and psychological data, to make a diagnosis, and to work with a patient to develop a treatment plan.
  • Nurse Practioner:  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and psychiatrist do many of the same things including; diagnose mental illness, prescribe medication and medication management.  An NP must complete a 4-year degree in a nursing program and then a master’s degree program that trains nurse practitioners.
  • Psychologist: Psychologists help to ensure the welfare of individuals and families.  Psychologists offer therapy, testing, evaluate and treat a full range of emotional and psychological challenges.  A psychologist receives their license from a State Board of professional registration.  A licensure requires a Doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D., Ed.D.) and at least two years of clinical work. Psychologists receive more education and training in psychology and mental health service than any other mental health professional often requiring seven years beyond the undergraduate degree.
  • LCSW: A licensed clinical social worker helps individuals deal with a variety of mental health issues.  At Midwest Behavioral Health our LCSW’s have advanced training and education in psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy, also called “talk therapy” or counseling, focuses on helping you heal and learn useful ways to deal with day to day difficulties.  They also offer individual and small group therapy sessions to help lead you to a healthier and happier life.  A licensed clinical social worker must typically have a master’s degree in social work or counseling along with at least two years of internship before obtaining their license.


Does Midwest Behavioral Health accept my insurance?

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider. We encourage you to ask specifically about your mental health benefits.

My divorce decree states that my ex-spouse is responsible for all medical expenses. Can you bill my ex-spouse?

It is our policy that whoever brings the child to the appointment is responsible to pay the bill the day of the visit.  We will provide you with a receipt so that you may get reimbursed from the responsible party.

If I have questions about my bill, who do I call?

HSC, our billing company can answer your questions or direct you to the person that can.  The phone number is 812-473-0181.

How do I refill my medication?

Unless your medication requires a written prescription, please contact your pharmacy for refills and they will contact our office directly. Refills require a 72 hour notice and will be made only during office hours, Monday through Friday. Prescriptions that must be picked up or mailed: Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin, Concerta, Daytrana, Quillivant, Zenzedi, Evekeo, Vayarin, Aptensio XR. We will not refill a prescription if you have not been seen within the last six months.

Can I increase, decrease or stop my medication at will?

No, do not increase, decrease or stop your medications without consulting your psychiatrist or primary care physician. Medications can have an adverse effect when not taken properly. Never stop taking any medication without checking with psychiatrist or PCP.

Why do I need to come see the psychiatrist once I am stabilized on a medication?

When taking any long term medication you need to see the prescribing physician so they can monitor your mood and/or possible side effects. Medical practice guidelines states a physician should evaluate patients regularly.

Why is there a need for follow up appointments after changing medications?

Your prescribing physician needs to monitor your mood after a medication change.   You may need adjustments with the strength and dosing.

Why should I get charged a No Show fee?

When you make an appointment, you asked Midwest Behavior Health to set aside a specific time for you. If you fail to cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance that is considered a No Show. Our providers have a list of people to contact when there is a cancellation. You prevent a patient from being seen when you do not cancel your appointments.

Will I receive a confirmation call or text?

Midwest Behavioral Health does not guarantee confirmation calls or text. We have a call system that makes those reminder calls. There have been times when calls or text has not gone through. Appointment reminders are done as a courtesy only. We provide you with an appointment card as a reminder when you schedule your next appointment.

Is Midwest Behavioral Health open weekends or holidays?

The office is closed all major holidays and weekends.  We will post a sign in advance if we plan to be closed any additional holidays.

Does Midwest Behavioral Health close for bad weather?

It depends on the severity of the weather.  If we feel that the roads could endanger the safety of our patients or staff we will close the office.   We do advertise our decision to close on the local news.

Frequently Asked Questions December 2, 2014