What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy aimed at helping family members improve communication and resolve conflicts or problems within the family. The situation or issue bringing the family into therapy will determine whether all, or only a few, family members will participate in the therapy sessions. The ages of the children may also be a factor in determining whether they will be involved in the therapy process. Typically family therapy is very short term and can be effective in as little as one session or only a few sessions.

Who can benefit from Family Therapy?

Family therapy is frequently done in conjunction with other types of behavioral health treatments such as individual therapy or other inpatient/outpatient/residential treatments. The need for family therapy is often first identified by a mental health practitioner working individually with a member of the family. Behavioral health issues impacting one member of a family typically impact other family members in some manner or another. Family therapy helps strengthen family bonds as members gain better insight and understanding into the issue or problem facing the family.

Family therapy can be beneficial in any family situation that causes stress, anger, conflict or grief. Examples include troubled relationships between parents and children, substance abuse/addiction, mental or physical illness, or death of a family member. Working with the therapist, family members learn to better express thoughts and emotions, communicate and solve problems more effectively and support one another.

Why choose MBH for Family Therapy?

At MBH our family therapy specialists help bring families closer together by exploring family roles, rules and behavior patterns that create conflict and develop new skills to resolve the conflict. Family members learn new ways to interact with one another and overcome unhealthy patterns of relating to one another. If you and your family are struggling, please give us a call and let us help.