Medication Management

Midwest Behavioral Health offers Medical Management Services, including careful medication monitoring, which ensures patients receive the maximum benefit of the medication while reducing any negative side effects that may occur.

Our experienced clinicians offer compassionate care built around the unique needs of every child, adolescent and adult. We offer expertise in a broad range of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Contact us today to get started on the right path.

What is Medication Management?

Medications often play a very important role in the treatment of mental health conditions. A wealth of evidence-based research confirms the benefits of prescription medications in reducing symptoms and improving the lives of many people suffering from conditions such as mood, anxiety and attention disorders. In recent years there has been a proliferation in both the numbers and types of medications available to treat these disorders. Our psychiatrist and nurse practitioners use their expertise to carefully select the most appropriate medication(s) and dosage(s) to address the unique needs of each individual patient. Careful monitoring ensures the patient receives the maximum benefit of the medication while reducing any negative side effects that may occur.

Who can benefit from Medication Management?

Children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of disorders can benefit from medications prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder can be successfully treated into remission with medication and many different formulations are now available to effectively treat these disorders. Medication benefits children and adults by diminishing the triad of impulsivity inattention and hyperactivity often seen in ADD/ADHD. Millions of people affected by psychiatric disorders now experience improved functioning and quality-of-life incorporating psychotherapy and psychopharmacology into their treatment. At Midwest behavioral health are highly trained specialists promote healing using state-of-the-art in traditional treatment methods uniquely personalized around individual patient needs.

Why Choose MBH for Medication Management Services?

At Midwest behavioral health we believe optimal treatment results are achieved when patients become active partners in their care. Before medications are prescribed, the psychiatrist and nurse practitioners educate the patient (and family if the patient is a child) about the potential risks and benefits of various treatment options, as well as no treatment. Medication management is often a component of a patient’s overall treatment plan. Are prescribing clinicians work in collaboration with other providers and professionals to coordinate outstanding, personalized care, putting patients on the path to wellness.