Psychological Diagnostic Assessment

Midwest Behavioral Health offers Psychological Diagnostic Assessment, also known as Psychological Testing that offer the psychologist an understanding of how a person thinks, feels, and learns; as well as how they interact and interpret their world.

Our experienced clinicians offer compassionate care built around the unique needs of every child, adolescent and adult. We offer expertise in a broad range of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues.

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What is Psychological Diagnostic Assessment?

Psychological diagnostic assessment, also known as psychological testing, refers to a battery of tests administered by a licensed psychologist. There are different types of tests that measure different things, and when combined, they offer the psychologist an understanding of how a person thinks, feels, and learns; as well as how they interact and interpret their world.

Psychological test examine:

  • Intellectual ability
  • academic functioning
  • memory and learning
  • personality
  • emotional functioning
  • attention skills,
  • executive skills (Organization, planning, inhibition, flexibility)
  • Language skills (understanding and expression)
  • Fine motor functioning
  • auditory and visual processing,
  • visual–spatial abilities
  • adaptive behavior skills

Who can benefit from a Psychological Diagnostic Assessment?

Children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of issues can benefit from psychological testing. Psychological testing is often used to help clarify diagnosis or identify other underlying issues in need of treatment. Ultimately, psychological testing enables healthcare providers to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored around the unique needs of each person.

Psychological tests are often useful in the following areas:

  • learning disabilities and or processing problems,
  • giftedness
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • ADHD
  • emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders
  • Habit disorders and related disruptive behavior disorders
  • determining whether medication is effectively controlling symptoms
  • attachment issues
  • difficulties with behavioral or emotional control
  • cognitive functioning in memory
  • Developmental Disabilities

Why choose us for Psychological Diagnostic Assessment?

As one of the leading providers of psychological diagnostic assessments in the tri-state area, our experienced psychologists use a comprehensive approach to assessment. Our goal is to fully understand each individual situation, identify strengths and weaknesses, determine the causes of the difficulties, and provide an in-depth documentation of the testing results. We work in collaboration with other professionals involved in your care to develop a personalized plan for exceptional care.